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We are a boutique Executive Search agency focusing on Digital & IT across all industries and national borders.

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About us

We are a boutique Executive Search agency supporting companies in finding the best talents to master the requirements of the digital transformation.

Our Know-How

We have the ability to conduct specialist interviews, as we ourselves have many years of experience as managers, consultants and managing directors in the areas in which we recruit. According to our philosophy, this is also absolutely necessary to determine the suitability of a candidate.

Therefore, we only recruit in areas in which we have experience - so we know exactly which skills (hard and soft) are necessary for the respective job.




Pearldivers spends a lot of time actively searching for the right candidates to find the most suitable people the company. We see it like pearl diving - the best pearls are deep down and it takes a lot of energy, expertise and skill to salvage the pearl.

This is similar to Executive Search, where the really good and suitable candidates are difficult to find and recruit.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on a very high quality standard for ourselves as well as for our candidates, since experience shows that mistakes in recruiting weigh heavily. These not only cost the companies a lot of time and money, but also have a negative effect on the company as an employer.

With our first-class national & international network and expertise, we enable a quick direct search that leads to sustainable placements for our clients.



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For Companies

Are you looking for support in recruiting the best talents on the market? We specialize in the areas of Marketing, Communications, Strategy, Digital & IT and find the right person for all industries. Our goal is to support companies in finding the best talents to master the challenges of the digital transformation.

Typical positions we recruit include CDO (Chief Digital Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CIO (Chief Information Office), CPO (Chief Product Officer), CEO / Managing Director, CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), Director E -Commerce / M-Commerce, Head of Business Development, Head of Marketing & Communications, Head of Business Applications, Director Strategy Development, Senior Manager Search "SEA / SEO", Senior Data Scientist etc.

We work on an exclusive retainer basis, as we have very high quality and discretion standards. Our experience shows that in this way the best results for successful and sustainable placements are achieved and the best 'pearls' for the respective vacancies are found.

For Candidates

We know the importance and the professional challenges of your profession and can support you with our many years of experience and our large network.

Do you strive for recognition, appreciation, realization, advancement or something completely different? If Digital is your bread-and-butter and you are passionate about new media & technologies, please send us your CV.

Our Executive Search Process

An Executive Search project takes 2-3 months on average. We can usually present the first shortlist candidates to our clients after about 3-4 weeks.

1. Profile Development

The first step is defining the desired target profile and the timing together with our client. It is very important for us to get a thorough understanding of our client's needs since this creates the basis for our search. While developing the search profile we ensure that it is market-compatible and attractive for the candidates we are looking for.


2. Market Research & Longlist

Following the profile development, a systematic research is carried out. On this basis we identify companies in which potential candidates are currently working and research the most suitable ones. When contacting candidates we apply highest discretion. We initially evaluate whether there is an interest in having a conversation about the vacant position and whether the necessary qualifications are fulfilled.

3. Personal Interviews & Shortlist

The most promising candidates are invited to a personal interview with us, where we examine the professional and personal aptitude in detail. After completing the personal interviews, we select the three to five best candidates (shortlist), which we present to our client in the form of detailed dossiers. This selection process is a significant quality criterion of our work, both for the client and for the candidates. It is about quality and not quantity since it is our goal to present exactly the right "pearls".

4. Final Selection & Closing

We also provide support for the interviews of shortlist candidates with the company and advise our clients on the final selection. We act as mediators between companies and candidates and are sparring partners for both sides. Once the best candidate for the position has been identified, we also assist with salary and contract negotiations as well as with onboarding.


FAQ Companies

  • What industries does pearldivers specialize in?

    We are focusing on Marketing, Communications, Digital & IT across all industries and national borders.

  • How does pearldivers differ from its competitors?

    We are function focused and only recruit in areas where we have solid experience and expertise ourselves - so we know exactly what skills (hard and soft) are necessary for the job. This saves our clients not only time and money but also increases the quality of the placement.
  • What is pearldivers geographic coverage?

    We are based in Vienna and work internationally.
  • How does pearldivers identify potential candidates?

    We discover candidates through a professional search process of systematic research and analysis, combined with thorough networking and vast experience in our field. 

    We proactively contact the potential candidates and investigate their interest in the specified position. We then meet those who are both qualified and interested and profoundly evaluate their qualifications. 

  • How long does it take before a client meets the first candidates?

    A client should expect to see relevant candidates within 15-30 days.

  • What if the candidate selected doesn’t turn out to be the right fit and we part ways?

    We provide a guarantee of placement, which means that if you and the candidate part ways within the probation period, we will conduct a replacement search free of charge.

  • What if we don’t like any of the candidates you find for us?

    We go back to the market and identify additional candidates for your review and evaluation. Our goal is to find the right candidates for the organization and that drives everything we do. We don’t stop until you have hired your next “pearl”!

  • Why should we hire pearldivers?

    Our focused search approach and our high quality standards combined with our large national & international network have created trust among clients and candidates for many years. We love what we do and strive for excellent results for our clients.

FAQ Candidates

  • Which candidate profiles are you working with?

    We are specialized in the fields of Marketing, Communications, Digital & IT (e.g. CDO, CTO, CPO, CEO, CIO, Head of E-Commerce / M-Commerce,AI, Blockchain etc.)

  • Can I submit my CV even though I haven’t been contacted for a particular position?

    Yes. We are always on the lookout for talented candidates.

  • Which career level / seniority do I need to have?

    We execute middle- to senior management searches, but we also encourage talented candidates with a little less experience to submit their profile if they are within our specialized fields.

  • Will my profile be kept confidential by pearldivers?

    Yes, of course. We understand the importance of confidentiality. It is our goal to establish meaningful long-term relationships with all our candidates. All of your information is strictly confidential and will never be shared without your permission.

  • Do you charge candidates for your services?

    No, our services are free of charge for candidates.

  • Will you contact me before submitting my profile to a company? 

    Yes, always. And only after we are both sure it is a match. When we identify a suitable position we will contact you for permission to present you to our client.

  • Will you actively look for a job for me?

    No, we do not actively search for jobs for our candidates, but we will present you with attractive career opportunities once we have a position that fits your credentials and requirements.

  • How long will my profile be kept on file with pearldivers?

    We have a long-term collaboration philosophy with our candidates and appreciate to be a partner for you throughout your career development. The longer we know you, the better we can help you. If you however wish to be taken off our files you can let us know at any time and we will then delete your profile.

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